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Having lived so many lives already, James and Heidi are not afraid to share the story of the challenges and unique experiences that have led them to where they are today. 


Using impactful storytelling and lived experiences

they share a vulnerability and rawness

that allows others to open up. 


They share their excitement for the path that has led from challenge to thrive, their passion for overcoming

and their drive for change.


Central to all speaking work is inspiring others to face challenges head on, to see adversity as an opportunity for growth and how we can all show up in a way which makes a difference in our world.


We aim to inspire people -

reigniting the fire which is the human spirit.

 We have had the most fantastic couple of days with our team, the aim was to let them know that we care about them and recognise that their wellbeing is key to everything.  Your talk and awareness session was so key in achieving that and I can't thank you enough for the part you both played in that.

You are, truly, two of the most inspirational people I've had the pleasure of meeting!"

Deborah Saw, Operations Manager, Step Together.


Core speaking topics include:

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