Are you looking to create a mentally healthy workplace that promotes wellbeing? Let us help.


Workplace wellbeing affects everyone in your organisation, whatever the size of your business,

from full time staff to part time, from permanent staff to contractors. Providing an environment that supports mental health and encourages positive wellbeing will not only increase productivity but also support employee growth and empowerment.


Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 people in the UK, with 1 in 6.8 people experiencing mental health problems within the workplace. 


It is estimated that mental health equates to £600,000,000 in lost productivity a year to the UK economy,

and safety implications which can be immeasurably damaging to those it affects.


Ripples Wellbeing can assist with mental health and workplace wellbeing consultancy.

Our aim is to equip your business with the tools and materials to help increase productivity, improve employee efficiency,

raise workplace safety, and boost staff wellbeing.


We provide bespoke packages to suit individual business needs. 


To arrange a call to discuss your business needs please contact us via our enquiry page.

Examples of what can be included are:


  • Awareness Training Workshops

  • MHFA training

  • Manager and Employee training

  • Individual counselling

  • Workplace Wellness Audit

  • Workplace Mental Health plan

  • Next steps plan

To support your Workplace Wellbeing program Ripples Wellbeing will:


  • Provide face to face consultancy across the UK.

  • Use a flexible and tailored approach to suit your business and its needs.

  • Work with clients for the long term, helping implement change throughout your company.

  • Provide practical as well as theory sessions, we appreciate that not all individuals learn and require support in the same way.

  • Work with clients to provide clear returns on investment, both tangible and abstract