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Clinical Supervision

I am James, offering counselling supervision services characterised by a vibrant and dynamic approach, available both online and in person or a combination of both.

James Hall - NCS18-06484

Counselling Supervisor

Like personal therapy, finding the right supervisor is important. Someone you get an instant connection with, that can bring you healthy challenge and welcome it back. With extensive experience as an integrative counsellor, my philosophy revolves around empowerment, striving to facilitate the emergence of your optimal self. Irrespective of where you stand in your therapeutic journey, this space is dedicated to exploring your professional development, your clients' progress, and the multifaceted aspects of your practice.


Supervision with me is collaborative in nature but can also be used to provide formal and informal feedback on therapeutic work. Sessions will come from a Person Centred place, adopting the Seven-eyed model of supervision - Hawkins and Shohet as well as others including The Inskipp and Proctor formative normative and restorative model. My integrative style allows creativity, and this is something that could be utilised in supervision too.


I am a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and hold professional indemnity insurance through Holistic Insurance. Additionally, I am a member of the NCPS and uphold the National Counselling Society Code of Ethics. NCS | Code of Ethics 



I am eager to engage with you and ascertain whether I align with your supervisory needs. My demeanor is warm and approachable, and I encourage you to reach out via telephone at 07503691424 or email at to discuss your specific requirements.

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