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Meet Syd.

At the heart of the way I work is you, the client, your preferences and specific needs. I am a qualified and insured counsellor and use a pluralistic model. In essence what this means is that I am able to draw on a variety of approaches and methods to tailor sessions to each client’s individual needs. These include CBT techniques to understand cognitions and behaviours and psychodynamic approaches to explore past events and internalised beliefs all with a person-centred foundation.


I aim to create a safe, supportive space where we can explore and work together on whatever you choose.  My work is non-directive and you will never hear me tell you what to do. Instead, through our work together, I aim to help enable you to make choices for your own positive growth.


If you choose to begin counselling with me, we will agree on a goal, an area to explore, and work together. I will guide sessions, suggesting methods and tools but it is always your choice what we work on and in what way. I offer both short- and long-term therapy with regular reviews for longer work.


I am a member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and abide by their code of ethics, having regular supervision.


I work Mondays and offer both online and in person sessions. Sessions are 50 minutes at a cost of £35.


Informal chat

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me, please email me at to  to book a free 20 minute online call.


Alternatively, you can book a full session via the link.

In both the informal 20 minute chat and full initial consultation, I will outline how I work and we will explore why you are looking to begin counselling.


This will help you to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

What does therapy look like?

This varies from individual to individual as sessions are tailored to your needs.


Whilst we will agree on a goal, a particular area to focus on, this focus may shift. For example, this area may broaden as we explore further or, life may present more pressing areas to focus on.


This time is yours and we will use sessions in whichever way will be of most benefit to you. 

Sessions are a space for you to talk and be truly heard in a safe non-judgemental supportive space. 

How long will we work together?

This is variable from client to client and differs depending on what you would like to work on. Therapy can range from shorter term durations of 4 – 6 weeks to longer term work over months or years. However, we would hold regular reviews to ensure sessions are meeting your needs. 

Endings will be discussed within these reviews, and due to the person-centred way I work, will be when you decide you are ready to bring sessions to a close. Endings are an important part of the therapeutic process, and we will plan them together. 

There may be times I need to refer you on, if I feel there is better support for you elsewhere, but this will be discussed with you. 

Session Duration and Cost

I am available on Mondays and sessions are 50 minutes.


We would aim to meet on a weekly basis, often at a set time.


I currently charge £35. This is payable via Calendly at the time of booking. 

Relevant training, qualifications and experience

  • Prince’s Trust Level 5 Diploma In Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice
  • Prince’s Trust Level 4 Diploma In Counselling Skills And Theory

  • Aim Qualifications Level 3 In Hypnotherapy And Counselling Skills

  • Level 2 Introduction To Counselling Concepts


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