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Organisational Gratitude Tree

In the hustle and bustle of modern workplaces, stress often takes the front seat while positivity gets relegated to the back. The daily grind can leave us feeling drained and disconnected. Amidst deadlines and targets, what often gets overlooked is the power of acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of ourselves and those around us.


This is where the Gratitude Tree steps in—a simple yet transformative practice that can infuse your work environment with a wave of positivity. 


Gratitude is a small word with a big meaning, and it is about showing kindness, being thankful for what you have, or appreciating others. The Ripples Wellbeing Gratitude Tree helps everyone reflect on gratitude and what we can be grateful for.


Researchers have proven that being thankful or more aware of the present moment helps you cultivate a more positive attitude and outlook on life. Making a habit of gratitude offers long-term benefits, contributing to overall happiness and quality of life.


Gratitude shows up in many forms, it can be as simple as fresh cut grass or a smile from a stranger. Taking time regularly to find gratitude can add to our workplace Wellbeing Bank. What better way to find space in your organisation for a simple gesture of self care!


A gratitude tree serves as a beautiful example of how powerful gratitude can be. Each gratitude note on the tree represents something that the person is grateful for, such as a good memory, a kind gesture, an achievement, or someone they love.


By adding these notes to the tree, we can visually and tangibly acknowledge and celebrate the blessings in our lives. The feeling we get when we read all the beautiful notes of gratitude is incomparable!


A gratitude tree is a unique way to share what you are thankful for in life. Unlike a private gratitude journal, gratitude trees are typically public displays of gratitude. We encourage their use every day or once a week, enabling us to pause and reflect about what we are grateful for in a mindful way.


They can also be used in other settings and ways, here are some ideas for using a gratitude tree:

  • Daily within your team
  • Within weekly check-ins
  • In a classroom
  • Scavenger hunt style with each month a different theme i.e. something a colleague did for me that made me smile, a place I would love to visit
  • To collect favourite quotes


A gratitude tree acts as a friendly reminder about the importance of gratitude and thankfulness and the chance to share what we are most grateful for in their own lives.

Organisational Gratitude Tree

  • Recommendation of one tree for 30 employees or under.

    Comes with:

    • 1x large tree (laser cut 6mm MDF, 50cm tall and 30cm wide)
    • x900 leaves and strings (1 month's worth for x30 people)
    • 1x Packaging and box
    • 1x instructions


  • Only available in UK postage addresses.

    Dispatched within 5 business working days

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