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We cover all aspects of Mental Health and Wellbeing
- from personal counselling, to corporate events.

At Ripples Wellbeing, we believe that self-care embodies the whole of oneself: 

physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.
This is achieved through reflection on where we have come from, what drives us

and what impact we want to leave on the world and those around us.
We empower individuals, groups, companies, and businesses

to make a positive difference to themselves and those around them.
We provide the environment and support systems to enable growth and discovery;

unlocking potential and the investment this brings.
We believe in making a positive difference, however small, as our impact continues to ripple onward
and outward, uniting Ripples Wellbeing with everyone we work with

reflect. empower. grow.

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James Hall

I am a qualified, integrative counsellor based in Bristol.
I have a background in the construction industry but have been actively involved in the Mental Health sector for many years.
I have experience in teams, leadership, project management and design but my passion and desire is empowering others to enable them to fly!
I am a married father of 3 children, have a keen interest in sport (especially rugby) and enjoy an active and varied lifestyle.
I have considerable life experience and this keeps me grounded and humble.

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Heidi Chapman-Mercer

I am an AET Trainer, IQA and MHFA instructor.
I have a background in the world of Executive Sport and Sales Management 
with a passion for supporting others and driving change. 
I get a buzz from developing those around me and aiding others to grow 
and reach their potential. In my previous roles I was known as the 
go-to person if you needed a
problem tackling or an idea brought to reality.
I have lived a lot of lives in my years, faced challenges that have taken me to 
the edge of my own mental health. I believe this allows me to empathise 
with those around me and show how you can thrive through adversity.
I am a wife to my incredible partner, a mother to two children, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a gardener, and a cake-eating fiend

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